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25 December 2014

experience is experience, not fact

You shold be very glad.

I remember my father cried when President Kennedy died (redux)

(See the first one here.)

We are so attracted to the anniversaries on numbers which come out nice in our number system, aren't we? But I can't make myself get cynical about this. Rituals are important: the acknowledgement that something happened and that something mattered.

JFK's assassination was one of those events (I've had too many of) which supposedly you never forget what was happening and where you were when you heard about it - except for that ain't necessarily so. SO take all of this with a very large grain of your favorite salt.

I was in 5th grade. I believe we must have been let out early.  The older students kept intimating that something had happened, but they couldn't talk about it. When I arrived home, I went to the TV as if magnetized. The President shot! And we were still  being told that no one knew whether the President was dead or alive. I heard the announcement of his death: I can't have made that up. I remember the newscaster breaking down into tears.

I remember wanting to scream. I don't know if I did, or not.

And I remember my father cried, breaking down into tears just as the newscaster had, in the middle of the blessing before the evening meal. Because John, who was nearly his same age and looked so much like him, and seemed to share so many of his values, had been shot down.

How could this happen? We all asked.

We knew that US President could be assassinated. We knew, for heaven's sake, about Lincoln!

But John Kennedy? Our hope and our future?

NYC loves the nYPD

We do. We want them to "serve and protect". We're just going through some stuff right now.

Everyone in NYC is mourning the executed cops. Who weren't even white! NYPD rules in terms of diversity! (See Brooklyn nine-nine, such a NYC show!)

This recent mess started with an asshole who decided to do damage to a woman, and then decided to make himself famous. Sound familiar? Let's deny him that fame.

NYC will do just fine, thanks. And so will the NYPD, a bastion of strength. We'll get through this. We look to the rest of the country: how are you all doing?

02 October 2014

My guilty pleasures

#1: watching Matador.

I watched the first episode  based on AVclub's review. I gave it a chance. And, you know what? Matador has embraced its inner wackiness!

I am told that this channel is aimed at young adult male Latinos, so don't know what that says about me (white, female, and decidedly old!) but...

Star Gabriel Luna is... how shall I say this?.... easy on the eyes. I happen to pause the video each time he takes his shirt off, but that's a coincidence! Tony Bravo, you are a star!

And the show is... how shall I say this?.... WACKY! Los Angeles has a soccer team and it's called the LA RIOT? Are you kidding me? And their arch-rivals are the (Houston, I think) TERRORISTS?

But Matador seems to have embraced its wacky premises, and it just gets better, funnier and scarier, every episode. And Tony Bravo just gets better.

If you need any other reason to waste your spare time on this gem: it costars Alfred Molina, James Callis, and a bunch more folks who don't have to scrape the bottom of any barrels.

For laughs, I look forward to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. For sexy wackiness, I look forward to Matador. And I'm not ashamed to say it!

04 October 2013

Sweet Caroline

I am so excited about the playoffs this year!

Don't know who to root for more: the Red Sox (corazon!) or the Dodgers (oy veh!) Good thing I don't have to decide for quite some time!

Good times never seemed so good.

25 September 2012

Hooray for Aaron Paul, and love for Giancarlo Esposito

Count me as one of the people who couldn't make up their minds: Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman for the second time? Or Giancarlo Esposito for that tour-de-force role as Gustavo Fring? I kind of came down on the side of Gus Fring, now departed, never to be repeated. [Unless brought back as flashbacks? Can we hope?]

And then Jesse won. And how. It's hard to think this, now, but this wasn't even for his amazing performance in the oh-so-awkward dinner scene, which would tax any actor. (Doing nothing is the hardest! Doing nothing and suggesting so much is... the stuff of another Emmy.) But Aaron Paul has raised the bar so much we now take this for granted. This young actor has a great future ahead of him.

That's all not to take away from the accomplishment of the amazing Giancarlo Esposito. I don't know how the voters for the Emmys watched "Hermanos" and didn't give him the award, except maybe they don't like BB's level of violence. (Pretty hard to take at times, I admit.) But GE? Totally rocked it. And he said he was "over the moon"  regarding his own nomination and fellow cast member Aaron Paul's win, and I totally believe it.

Take another look at that Emmy broadcast. It's so obvious that youngun Aaron Paul was not expecting to win, and that he was expecting castmate Giancarlo Esposito to win. And GE so deserved to win.  (AP's accomplishments notwithstanding!)

Giancarlo Esposito has distinguished himself in a number of roles, most notably (prior to this) in "Homicide". A quiet, meticulous actor, his performances are not designed to attract attention. In Gus Fring he had the role of a lifetime.

And yet - Jesse Pinkman is not a role to attract attention. Yet Aaron Paul has made something of it. For which, Kudos!

[I've tried to find videos of Aaron Paul's speech: not yet, folks. But if you haven't seen "Hermanos", brace yourselves and watch! And if you haven't been watching Breaking Bad? I don't know what to say.]

05 June 2012


He was my cat. I didn't name him: my son took care of that.

He died recently. I suffer more from my cats's deaths than you can know.

I went online and searched for "garf", looking for good places to give and good people to know. And I gave some money to a group you'll probably find if you look, and I bought an app just because it was named Garf.

Garf? It's a great game.
GARF? Give them a few dollars: they need it.

19 April 2012

Paper towel magic!

I discovered this post during Pesach. Nevertheless, it's amazing. I knew this about gingerroot and lettuces, but did not realize how widespread its results were.

Paper towels are magic, quite altogether.

08 March 2012

Songs that need to be played back-to-back, Gen 3 (I think)

Because that's just how I roll, however long it takes:

Reminiscing, by Little River Band

Dance Hall Days, by Wang Chung

You need to analyze these. Seriously. More to follow.